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Welcome to Lubricology, where we’re exploring new thinking, viewpoints and technology related to equipment lubrication, reliability and maintenance. Take a look around, stop by again for the latest updates, and drop us a line anytime with questions, comments and suggestions. Jim Jung, Trico Corporation


Discover new ways to approach lubrication more effectively.

Journey of the Lubricant

Testing the Waters Before You Dive Deeper into Your Lubrication Practices

These 5 questions can help you see if a full lubrication self-assessment is worthwhile.

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The Truth about Vented vs. Closed Systems

Especially in harsh environments, getting rid of vents may be your best bet.

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Lean in Lubrication

Try 5S for Lean Success

Here’s how to score some quick efficiency victories in your lubrication practices.

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Oil Sampling

8 Everyday Tips to Help You Sample Effectively

Tip #2: Tap into live or turbulent zones whenever possible.

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Oil Intelligence

Reading Between the Lines of Lubricant Analysis

For more valuable insight, consider the deeper context and more data points.

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IIoT in Lubrication

Video: Practical Applications of New IIoT Tech for Reliability Managers

Watch how wireless sensing systems can help you work smarter and worry less.

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